Mardi Gras Preparation

Saturday 29th June 2019 is Mardi Gras Time for Equals IW. 

Thanks to the team whom have been brilliant at making the costumes, we are almost done.

This Wednesday a small team are meeting at 6pm at Coppins Bridge Car Park to travel over to Bonchurch to transform the Dragon to a Lizard. 

Thanks to Shirley who has been helping to prepare the mobile woodland and been helping over the weekend build and paint the feature. 

Thanks to Sam of MCEnhancement who has the new PA system up and running and has helped put together a wonderful range of music featuring many styles of music associated with Mardi Gras. 

According to the long range forecast the weather is looking good for Saturday,  

The details of times to meet and places to park for Saturday will be published here on Tuesday June 25th 2019.




Working on the Costumes...

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