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Items of interest from the groups.

Canada Geese at Ryde Canoe Lake

June Meeting Update

"As the Equals Men’s Friendship Group Co-ordinator I am keen to get the group out and about in the community during the summer months.

Sam and Justin from the Men’s Steering Group met me outside Ryde LA Bowl on Tuesday 20th June 2017. Steering Group Member Wayan came along with Ilker.  

As a group we took an evening leisurely walk along the sea front and got up close with nature at the canoe lake. Then we walked along to Appley Tower and took in the wonderful views of Solent on a beautiful summer’s evening. 

We discussed ways to build the Men’s Friendship Group and shared ideas of fun activities and cultural experiences. We all agreed that once we had a large enough membership an evening to go karting would be amazing fun. In the longer term the men are keen to challenge Women’s Friendship Group to a racing event.

David from the Men’s Steering Group sent his apologies and wished the group evening every success."


Next Event

Coming from any background including an ethnic background, you may sometimes feel like you need a friend who understands and supports you in the community.

If so join the New Equals Men’s Friendship Group by coming to an evening Barbecue at Prince’s Green West Cowes on Thursday 24th August 2017, 18.30 to 21:00.

Come and join the New Equals Men’s Friendship Group, building bridges to celebrate and embrace diversity on the Isle of Wight.

EqualsIW at the 2017 Ryde Mardi Gras

EqualsIW took part in the 2017 Mardi Gras in Ryde on Saturday 1st July 2017.

The theme for the year was "Reflection of India" and the Women's Friendship Group was in

the Imperial India “Deli Durbar” section. Here are a few more images from the day.


Wendy Loader passed the donation bucket and it was almost full thanks to all generous donors especially the kids on the streets ...well done!


Family Fun Day

Equals friendship group team had a great time and success participating in the Family Fun Day at East Cowes Town Hall.

fun day 3